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Current Projects

I am taking a break from my tutorials blog. Not because they are hard to make, but because real life has to come first. 

XRay-PDA Chat for Call of Chernobyl

Visit Here: XRay-PDA

Mod by Gazprom

Server  & Console by Codeonion


  1. User Accounts Registration from in-game GUI
  2. Player login from LUA GUI
  3. Chat from game
  4. Leaderboards

To do

  1. More detailed Leaderboards
  2. Dynamic Map
  3. Trading
  4. Send Map Marker to another player
  5. Android App



Narodnaya Solyanka :: DMX DKZ Guide

The app will be undergoing a major overhaul. It will no longer be a mere Guide. I am adding Real-time chat with the guide with push notifications so that S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. around the zone can help Strelok get his shit together. 

Available at play store :  Here


  1. Interface is completely updated to a fluid, smooth experience with no performance issues at all.
  2. App size is reduced from 40+MB to around 9MB (no clutter)
  3. Menu is now user-friendly
  4. Revamp of guide section.
  5. Revamp of Maps display.

To do:

  1. Zoomable maps
  2. Integration of Chat server within app.
  3. Integration of Account management with app.
  4. Receiving player-related data from the game through server (require mod support)